2020 Spring Training/Summer Games Signup

If you plan on participating in spring/training for the 2020 Summer Games competition, you will need to fill out the online signup sheet below.

Summer Games / Spring Training 2020

It is EXTREMELY important that you sign up if you plan on competing, since our registration is due on April 17 and that only gives us 2 weeks of practice before it is due.


The last day to register for competition will be Sunday April 5, 2020, so please fill this form out as soon as you get it. You should receive an email confirmation after you submit the form.

Only those that sign up for COMPETITION will be registered for the summer games.

It costs Oxford Special Olympics money for every athlete and partner that is registered for competition, so if you register for COMPETITION and don’t show, or change your mind, then we will be out that money, which isn’t fair to anyone. you are welcome to sign up for training only, just select your sport but don’t select “COMPETING” at the end.


Cycling / Swimming / Track & Field

Oxford Special Olympics will be training in three sports this Spring – Cycling, Track and Field, and Swimming – both Developmental and Advanced. Competition will be at the Special Olympics Connecticut Summer Games on June 12-14, 2020.

You may train in ALL of the sports (so long as they aren’t happening at the same time), but must select only 1 for competition, since the competition will be held simultaneously on the same weekend. If you sign up for competition, then you are expected to attend all of the practices for that sport. If you have too many unexcused absences, then you will be scratched from competition.

All of the pertinent information is included on the form, so please READ IT CAREFULLY.

If you have any questions about signing up, please feel free to contact Larry.

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