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OSO Alpine Skiing

I know its still so warm outside, but Alpine Skiing is scheduled to start in just 3 weeks, and if you will be RENTING skis, then we need to get that started.

We will need height, weight and shoe size of anyone renting equipment this year. It will greatly speed up the process of getting in and out of Rentals if we can have all the information ahead of time and entered.

Please let Mo Doherty Blees know:
1) If you will be needing to rent equipment
2) If you are in need of a helmet (nobody skis without one, and if you do NOT have a helmet, you CANNOT go on the mountain – that includes Coaches)

Our registration has already been sent in, so if you previously registered for Alpine Skiing, then please let us know if you will be needing to rent equipment. (Rentals are free for any athletes already registered for Alpine Skiing)

Oxford Special Olympics joins SOCT Unified Sports® Fitness Club

Oxford Special Olympics has had our 3rd hike/walk in 6 weeks, and some of the hikers have signed up with Special Olympics Unified Sports® Fitness Club (for more information see Unified Sports® Fitness Club).

The Club follows the Unified Sports® Recreational Model focusing on participation rather than competition. Each Club participant receives an individual tracking device which is used to monitor individual and Club progress. The Club provides the platform for individuals to challenge themselves and earn individual and Club rewards.

If Interested in joining us, please let Sean P. Morley or Larry Doherty know that you would like to join and we will see about enrolling you. (If you are affiliated with OSO and have your own FitBit or other device, you can also join us.)

#TeamOSOct #OxfordSpecialOlympics

OSO December Hike – FITNESS WALK

OSO hike 2

Join us for our 3rd Hike of the Fall (it’s not winter YET) – SUNDAY DECEMBER 6, 2015 1:00 pm

We will be on the Bridle Trail off Route 188 in Oxford (Strongtown RD) – coming from Oxford down 67 (not coming from Southbury way), there’s Rt 188 that goes off to the left (deli store on corner and there’s a traffic light there). Not sure which direction that 188 goes, but you DON’T want to take that left. A little further down 67 is a Right hand turn that is also 188. That’s also at a light. Take that right hand turn and just before the firehouse on the right (it’s not even a quarter mile down 188) there’s a dirt parking area. That will hold up to maybe 20 cars if people are creative about how they arrange themselves.
(Thank you Trish Whitehouse for these concise directions)

Bring some water and a snack – dress warm and lets get some exercise.

For those interested, OSO has joined the SOCT Unified Sports Fitness Club ( and we currently have 15 people enrolled – members will be getting a MovBand (like a fitbit) to keep track of moves, steps, miles – If Interested in joining us, please let Sean P. Morley or Larry Doherty know that you would like to join and we will see about enrolling you.

(The Movbands are DONATED, and they do require a computer and a seperate email address for each band to SYNC your stats – if you do not use the MovBand, you will be asked to return it to SOCT for use by someone who WILL use it)

We will be holding “Fitness Walks” or hikes or even possibly walking at the mall if its too cold outside, so please think about joining us, but your moves WILL BE TRACKED by SOCT and OSO and if it’s not being used, will be asked for it back (just saying).