OSO Alpine Skiing

I know its still so warm outside, but Alpine Skiing is scheduled to start in just 3 weeks, and if you will be RENTING skis, then we need to get that started.

We will need height, weight and shoe size of anyone renting equipment this year. It will greatly speed up the process of getting in and out of Rentals if we can have all the information ahead of time and entered.

Please let Mo Doherty Blees know:
1) If you will be needing to rent equipment
2) If you are in need of a helmet (nobody skis without one, and if you do NOT have a helmet, you CANNOT go on the mountain – that includes Coaches)

Our registration has already been sent in, so if you previously registered for Alpine Skiing, then please let us know if you will be needing to rent equipment. (Rentals are free for any athletes already registered for Alpine Skiing)